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About the Lecture from EPS Innovative Medicine at the 29th Congress of the Japan Mibyou Associasion

Tetsuro Yamamoto, head of the Research Department (Research Center) of EPS Innovative Medicine Ltd., gave a 90-minute keynote speech at the 29th Congress of the Japan Mibyou Association. Titled "The Importance of IgA Secretion: From Allergic Diseases and Covid-19 Defense to Sublingual Vaccines".
Because of the number of results of Yamamoto's long-term research on mucosal immunity, the chairperson allowed an unprecedented 90-minute lecture.
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The lecture is conducted in the following manner :

Name of Association Japan Mibyou Association
Academic Introduction The 29th Congress of the Japan Mibyou Association
Date November 12 (Saturday), November 13 (Sunday),2022
URL https://www.mibyou29.jp/index.html
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