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Announcement on the establishment of EPS Medical Consultancy Services Limited

EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited (Hong Kong domiciled, Chairman and CEO: Okoso Satoshi), are pleased to announce the establishment of EPS Medical Consultancy Services Limited, aimed to separate part of functions of EPS Innovative Medicine(Japan) Limited. The company is committed to becoming a medical innovation support company centered on Japan, China, and other Asian regions.


  • We established EPS Medical Consultancy Services Limited, to provide research and development support to bio-ventures and academic institutions conducting R&D of new drugs in Japan and China.
  • Principal business areas include Chinese clinical trials and pharmaceutical application support services for Japanese companies, provision of pharmaceutical license-in, license-out intermediary services, and commercialization support and oversea market development support for bio-venture and academic institutions in Japan.
  • Background and purpose of establishment

In recent years, the macro environment in pharmaceutical business in Japan, China and the whole of Asia has undergone major changes. In the past, the development of pharmaceutical products needed to be led by large pharmaceutical companies and invested in huge resources and funds to support research and development over the years. Recently, however, research and development from bio-ventures and academic institutions has become mainstream.

In Japan, new drug seeds from academic institutions, as well as bio-ventures, are increasing. On the other hand, the amount of expertise, talents and funds required for the research and development of new drugs has not decreased. This has also become a major bottleneck for bio-ventures and academic institutions to promote research and development.

In China, the development of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is an important part of the national strategy, and a large amount of capital and talent investment has brought the industry's remarkable rapid development.

Against this background, we established EPS Medical Consultancy Services Limited to support bio-ventures and academic institutions in China and Japan in the research and development of new drugs.

  • Principal Business
The company is engaged in the IRO1 business that provides one-stop solutions including new drug development consulting business
  • Sino-Japanese CRO2 business
    • Cooperate with EPS Medical Consultancy (Shanghai) Limited to provide clinical trial related services (clinical trial support services and pharmaceutical application services) in China for Japanese customers (pharmaceutical or medical device development, health food, cosmetics companies).
  • Licensing, investment support business, and Sino-Japanese medical communication business
    • Licensing business (License-in/out and other intermediary business)
    • Investment and development fund raising support business
    • China-Japan medical communication business
  • Japan IRO1 business
    • For domestic bio-ventures and academic institutions, we provide support services including planning, development, and financial strategies over preclinical, clinical trials, NDA, manufacturing, and marketing.
    • For companies in China and Asia that conduct research and development of new drugs, medical devices, regenerative medical products, and healthcare products, we provide planning and development support to pre-clinical, clinical trials, NDA, manufacturing, and marketing. Support business such as listing strategy.
    • Provide management talent dispatch and consulting services for bio-ventures that lack management talents.
*1: IRO (Innovative Research Organization, an one-stop solution provider that provides not only professional services, but also development consulting and other services)

*2: CRO (Contract Research Organization)

3. Company Profile

Company Name EPS Medical Consultancy (Japan) Co., Ltd.
Date of incorporation 23 Jun, 2022
Address 2-1 Tsukuchi Hachimancho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Registered Capital 50 million yen
Parent Company EPS Creative Health Technology (Hong Kong) Limited
Corporate Representative Representative Director: Kuronuma Kosuke
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EPS Medical Consultancy Services Limited

Kanemitsu kanemitsu.naohiko471@eps.co.jp


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