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Be selected as a FINALIST at 2023 JINJI LAKE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

 On November 14, 2023, FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. advanced to the finals of 2023 JINJI LAKE Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition which was held in Suzhou, China, and won the third prize.

 At the Competition, we presented future prospect of on-going clinical trials of EIM-001, such as the clinical positioning and the possibility of a radical treatment for lower extremity artery disease (LEAD).

 In cooperation with domestic and foreign companies and venture capitals, we will accelerate the development in Japan and China with the aim of earlier commercialization.

 The JINJI LAKE Startup Competition hosted by Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), one of China's top industrial parks with the No. 1 industrial agglomeration in China especially in the life sciences sector, has been held 11 times in the past. It is the most influential worldwide startup competition in China. This time, it was the third time for the qualifying round held in Japan. So far, many companies have successfully entered China through this competition. In addition, the case of remarkable growth as a "drug discovery venture company from China" in the Suzhou Industrial Park is well known in Japan also.

The Competition in 2023:
 25 August 2023: Semifinals for Japanese region
 14 September 2023: Finals in each industry
 14 November 2023: Grand final in Suzhou

【About FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.】
 FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established to manage the healthcare business of EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited (Hong Kong), aiming to research, develop and commercialize promising drug candidates and technologies that now exist in academia. We utilize the affluent know-how that EPS Group has cultivated to date to research, aiming to develop and commercialize the promising drug candidates and technologies that exist in academia. We contribute to the development of the health industry in various aspects by timely delivery of effective drugs to people who are suffering from diseases.

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